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Powder Sale? Not so Primers! Graf & Sons

I got my first Graf & Sons sale booklet today. $10 Haz, $7.95 Flat Rate Ship. Didn’t realize how many different powder choices there actually are...and their prices looked very sweet to me. Many pistol powders under $20/lb. Naturally, VV powders were most expensive, but it looks like I’m powder shopping again....though I don’t need any.

Many and favorite Primer manufacturers were listed, but prices were not much better than recent Cabela’s prices...though one imagines they’re in stock at Grafs. 1500 Fiocchi primers for $39.99...not bad, but not really great either. Everything else was around $32/1000....or not great. Large and Small same price among manufacturers. Only do sorry if I overlooked the rifle primers.

However...they are offering free Haz with 4 lb powder purchase, and powder and primers can ship in same order. Suddenly, it’s a really sweet deal on powders...should you need any. Stock up?
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