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Atlanta Arms is used widely with Team Glock so that isn't an issue. Atlanta Arms will also make power factor, so isn't an issue (also PF isn't silly it was put in place due to people coming with bunny fart loads). Also buying ammo online is often cheaper than buying the same ammo from a local dealer, because unless they stock it they are just going to call up and order the same ammo so now you pay mark up on the shipping. Finally there are no haz mat fees on US ammo shipments it is purely by weight.

Atlanta Arms and T1 are probably the two most popular competition ammo companies right now. I've used both with no issues, Atlanta Arms is often cheaper since they are willing to actually reload brass, T1 only uses new cases. But they can be price competitive even with their new cases.

A third option I haven't tired yet are the new Federal Syntech 150gr USPSA ammo. I've never used it so I can't tell you how well it works. But some friends have and they seem positive on it.
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