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Remington Accelerators.

done decades ago!!!
Yep. Never tried them but some people said they shot as well as the rifle in question would shoot normal ammo. That is probably the best case scenario. And as you say, most deer rifles do not have varmint rifle accuracy.

But Remington only tapped half the potential, the other half being long, probably fin stabilized bullets. Long range shooting and long bullets are highly popular today and the ultimate development AFAIK would these miniature tank guns.

I don't know if such a system can be made to work for commercial use and at a non-government price. IIRC 120mm sabot rounds are well over $1000 apiece and that includes steel training rounds.

If we are ever going to see it, it will probably be in military use first. There is the .50 BMG SLAP round but that is basically a bigger "Accelerator" needing a rifled barrel.
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