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Pellet guns are really fun. They can teach marksmanship very nicely, but won't mimic the normal noise and recoil of a real gun.
That can be a good thing. With recoil all too often a shooter will anticipate it and tense up which will mess up the shot. When you get used to shooting with no recoil, from my experience, it helps with the anticipation problem when you do shoot live rounds. That's why dry practice is really good for training and why if you're having a bad day at the range that doing some dry practice can help. When you shoot a gun that doesn't recoil, such as an empty gun or a pellet or BB gun, you get used to shooting with no recoil and so when you do shoot live rounds you will shoot the same way that you shoot when there is no recoil which is really how you do want to shoot when you do use live rounds. You want the recoil to surprise you and so you don't want to know exactly when the gun will fire while you're squeezing the trigger. Therefore the no recoil that you get when you use a pellet gun is, in my opinion, a great advantage. Using a pellet gun is just like dry practice but you get to see where your shots land on a target.
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