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i believe the 37 is not an old gun, the serial # is 3716948xx and i could not find out to post pics. so i will try to describe it. first of all i think its in pretty poor shape it looks like this gun hunted thornapples and rock piles its whole life lots of scratches, some deep, hole in the stock from where a sling stud was ripped out now filled with clear epoxy, blueing not so good, surface rust on the mag tube and the front red sight piece ( foeget what its called ) is missing. its very apparent that this gun has been neglected. as far as converting it to a bird gun i have a 1100, 870, silver mallard, bc miroku, auto 5 (light 12 and sweet sixteen) and my favorite is my winchester 101 20ga. all are good bird guns so i dont want to go that rout. im lucky because my dad is a gun junkie so i usualy get the spillovers fron his safe. i just want to build a tactical 20 guage with little or no money out of my pocket to play with.
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