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Remington 11-87 12 Gauge Hammer Pin Washer Came Loose?

I picked up a used 11-87 made in '89. When I pulled the trigger group out to clean it thoroughly, the hammer pin washer fell out. It has been beat up quite a bit, the hole is out of round, and it is somewhat concave. The hammer pin itself is peened over on the top, so it can't be removed from the hole. I assume this peening is intentional and is what held the washer on. The recess for the washer seems to be peened open a bit as well by the washer banging around, as there is a raised lip around the hole.

I'm thinking this washer is meant to be a bearing surface for the rotating hammer pin, to save wear on the plate itself. If that's the case, will the oversized hole for the washer be an issue now?

My question is how I should remove the existing pin. Should I just drive it out of the trigger plate? Or mill the peened area off first, and replace it? I'm leaning towards the second option, but I'm curious what you all would do.


Edit: Looks like I found the answer myself:
As for the rest of the plate, grind or file the staked end of the hammer pin (#49) until it’s flush with the hammer-pin washer (#50). Drive out the hammer pin and leave your drift in place. (If the hammer is cocked, pull the trigger and ease the hammer forward before proceeding.) With the hammer uncocked, remove the hammer plunger (#51), its spring (#52), then withdraw the drift and remove the hammer. Note: A new hammer pin will be needed for reassembly. It must be staked to make certain there is minimal play with the disconnector. Also note that the bent tail of the disconnector (#35) must be located under the left connector (#32). Overlook that and you’ll transform an autoloader into a single shot—instantly.

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