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A .22 is, of course, a low recoil proposition. But, if you want the most precision you can get, short of a "machine rest"....then an adjustable forward rest, usually on a heavy tripod base, as opposed to a bag.....teamed with a rear rifle bag (under the stock), is your best bet. Makes an amazing difference over any sort of forward bag.

For mid to long range shooting, say 200 yards or more, I can't imagine being truly accurate with anything less.

I say this from experience. I used to try to get by with a forward bag rest and no rear bag (bracing the stock as best I could). I've now found that a proper set-up (as described above) is WORLD's better, even for a 22.

I routinely shoot my .308's at 200 and 300 yards. I can now achieve smaller than 2" groups at 200.....and a little better than 3" at 300. And I am NOT a great shot, by any means. This is using a sporter rifle, with no modifications. I was NEVER able to achieve anything like these results using a forward bag rest.

Can't really speak about bipods, because I've never used one.
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