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bipods are a little more tricky to use, but they are every bit as stable as a sandbag if your rifle can take them. So pointers...

-"load" the pods by keeping forward tension on them.

-bipods are best used in the prone on dirt. Hard surfaces such as benches, concrete, truck beds, etc. will be much more difficult to control the rifle because of the bounce.

-Your rifle stock must be stiff enough to take bipods without flexing into the barrel. If the stock flexes into the barrel when using bipods that will kill rifle accuracy.

-Bipods that mount or clip on the barrel are junk and useless, unless it's an RPK and you can achieve accuracy by volume. Even then, those Ruskies should have come up with a better design.

-A slight exception to the above... I have seen bipods used on AR handguards that were not free floating that shoot acceptable groups. The rifle usually shoots better from a rest or bag, but bipods don't open the group up drastically.

FWIW, I shoot almost exclusively from bipods and field shooting positions. I only use a bench if I go to a range that has one, and then I only use it if there is no prone station or the prone station is occupied.
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