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I take about 20' of log chain between 2 trees. From this chain I hang about a foot long chain to each side of the ar500 gong. I have a 8",10",12" & 1/4 ipec at 15 yards from the firing line. I have the same setup with a 1/2 ipec at 27 yards. (that's where the trees were). My shooting platform is elevated about 10 degrees. ( I believe this is the most important). I have fired tens of thousands of pistol rounds out of handguns and carbines and have yet to get even the slightest sliver back to the firing line. I use standard bolts mostly because grade 5 didn't seem to last any longer. I usually lose 1 small chain per session caused by multiple direct hits on the bolt head. I think my success is due to plenty of swing and good angle of deflectance. The 20' chain has never had an issue. I hung it 5 years ago and it's still there.

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