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The more targets, the better. Variety will keep the fun from fading.

Absolutely 100% on the eye protection at all times. There is almost no chance that you or anyone near won't get fragged but as long as it's not in the eyes, it's minor.

The very best way to ensure safety after the eye protection is to keep your targets in good condition and FLAT faced. There is no maintenance here -- simply care in what you hit them with. If you put divots and pock marks in them, they get HORRENDOUSLY prone to violent, dangerous ricochet. If the face of the target is flat, you are in fine shape.

They needn't be so flat that you could hand-write a story on them but if they have the kind of divots in them that could catch a BB from rolling off (if you laid it flat) then RETIRE the target or literally be prepared for what amounts to a gunshot wound.
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