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Back in the day, I shot off-hand, sitting or used shooting sticks. I used whatever I could to bust groundhogs.

I am 72 now and find it is a lot easier to get on the ground than to get up from the ground.

I still shoot from time to time the 300 yard gong with iron sights and M1A.

I just can't hold on to the target as long as I could when I was a kid.

Shooting the Bushmaster or LR308 is also still pretty easy for me at 300 yards with either open sights or an EoTech red dot.

I am really getting into 22 lr from the bench. I probably won't ever shoot that thing off hand. The factory trigger is just over 6 ounces.

I almost never put a handgun on the bench except to keep it in one place while I load magazines.

I envy those with the skill and physical strength to do the various positions.

I have found to my chagrin, I cannot bench press 150 lbs. . . .I can, however, bench press a G30

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