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I HAD the Egyptian 8mm up until about a year ago.... I remember buying it on gunbroker of all places about 3 years ago for 450.00. I sold it for somewhere around 800, I sure wish I would have held onto it... damn fine rifle, but i was in dire need of money and sold it As far as I have noticed around here there is absolutely no market for them... we had one sit in a local gun shop for a year priced at 750.00. I usually see an average of 1 of them at every gunshow that I go to and a majority of them never get sold. I don't think people know what they are missing out on. The only thing I disliked about it (this was before I started handloading) was having to clean out the gas system after every outing because of the lack of cheap non-corrosive ammo. Now I'd probably give a finger or maybe a small toe to have that "problem" again.... sigh
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