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VUPDblue, they did not set out to destroy the can. The test they did is the same test that the military uses to asses suppressor performance. Many suppressors from different brands have passed this test without catastrophic damage.

Gemtechs website states "the G5 is made for those that demand the apex of performance." and "The suppressor is rated for fully automatic fire."

That is fully automatic fire, not "limited" or "a little bit" of full automatic fire. THE G5 IS RATED BY GEMTECH AS A FULL AUTO CAN

It's not like my TAC-16 that is rated for a 100 round burst from a 20" M-16. That is limited full auto fire. The G5 is sold as a top of the line military suppressor and it failed a test that the military would have put it through.

Not only did they video tape it, they also had an independent observer there as well.

Once the can was opened, it was clear that there were no structural welds, despite claims by Gentech in the past that their cores are welded. Serious construction issues are noted as well.
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