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Steelcore - thanks for that update.

I can't recall which book it was in, though it was probably about the works of Julian Hatcher or one of Fackler's writings that quoted the surgeon general of the U.S. Army as saying the shotgun is a devastating weapon and close range wounds resemble damage done by artillery more than those of small arms.

The High-Standard Model 10 shotgun was a terrific gun - if you could get it working reliably. I wonder why no one has thought of making a parts kit for 870's or Mossbergs to turn reliable semi-autos into "bullpup" designs? Recoil was mild and the ease of handling was superb.

I once ran through a house-clearing drill with an M1 Carbine and developed a fondness for its quick handling and close range capabilities. But a short, fast handling shotgun would still be my first choice.
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