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44 AMP I agree with you on the differences, however when you get a chance sort through some of what is considered medical research.
People still aren't getting their children vaccinated over a flawed(at best) medical study that has even been refuted by it's author.
When I would have to wade through medical studies trying to figure out what was good research and should be put into practice and what wasn't good enough to be of value you absolutely would not believe what trash I found. Government studies quite often had a political motivation, it was normal. The reason I mentioned the CDC in particular was because while they are capable of being the best source possible for information they have also put out pure political trash in an effort to curry favor in funding. I can see these guys doing this and I've read a fair amount of stuff they've produced. I have no idea how many hours I spent looking at research but it's been quite a few and this sort of thing fits right in unfortunately.
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