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Having a problem with Lee dies and Accurate #2

I used to be an avid reloader but have been away from it for about 5 years. I purchased a Lee rotary press, dies, and accessories from a friend of mine to get back into reloading.

The 9mm die set from Lee says that, if using Accurate #2, 115 grain jacketed 9mm should be loaded with either a .3 Lee dipper (which throws about 4.0 grains) or a .34 auto disc (which does the same). I have both and have used them both.

However, loads made from either are consistently failing to cycle my Glock 17. ???

According to the latest Accurate load data from their website, Accurate #2 for the Sierra 15 gr FMJ is between 3.7 and 4.6 grains. Shouldn't 4.0 grains be a good mid-level load?

What am I missing?
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