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a revolver for the 327 too

I got silly when the 327 Mag come out and it showed up in a few of the gun magazines. Thought the thing would stay put.
So I bought a smith and wesson 327, you know the one with the weird ported barrel behind the front sight.
bought it when the manufacturers were dumping them.
Do not really see them on any more.
So now I have a revolver and dang I have yet to buy the AMMO!
But hey, look at the 38 super. It has died many deaths and come
back like a zombie !
Now people seem to love the cartridge once again. I am sure it
will die a few more times though.
What about the 10 mm auto. Heck I loved this one and bought
a good number of autos. Now I have NONE, sold them all off
and am really suprised when I fnd a box of 10mm ammo at
a gun show.
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