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I am off the chart on this one. Just recently, too. Imagine taking a .327 Federal, or more easily, a .32 S&W Long casing and chucking it in a lathe. Then turning down the rim to the same diameter as the case, and recutting an extractor groove. Then to cut the case to length, and load it with a 85gr jacketed bullet (also not easy to find). This will give you the equivalent of a 7.65mm French long pistol round. Now pretty much obsolete, it can be found loaded by some custom firms, and brass CAN be bought from custom makers (which is what I am doing), so you CAN load your own. The big reason? I got interested in one of the guns that fire it, a French SACM Model 1935A, which was a design forerunner to the famous SIG P210, a 9mm pistol of some renown. I have a SIG, and once I picked up and handled the French 1935A at a gunshow, it was love at first sight. Sleek, well balanced, and light in the hand, it SEEMED to fill the bill for a unique small game gun: more powerful than a .22, but not in the 9mm or magnum category. And, as all of you in this thread know, attractive because it is just a bit different. I have just started to delve into loading, but found 8 hundred round boxes of various jacketed bullets by Hornady, etc, that fill the bill, and am only waiting on the next run of cases. It will be the most unusual gun that I own.
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