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While not a true 1911 design, have you looked at the Star pistols? I was looking for a 9mm single action with a single stack magazine and steel frame for my son when he's old enough to move beyond his SR22 so I wanted to go with a single stack magazine for a smaller grip and a single action for a reduced trigger length and pull rather than a DA trigger like a Sig P6 for smaller hands and a steel frame to soak up the recoil and a Star BM fit the bill nicely. I have been "testing" it for him (can't give him a dud ya know ) and it has been completely reliable with FMJ ammo although I haven't tried much along the lines of hollow point ammo but once I get my reloading press set up again that I can make some cheaper HP ammo, I will be checking this as well. Accuracy hasn't been bad either so I can say so far, I have no problems with it as a trainer.
Of course, there are some problems here in that Star is now out of business so finding spare parts may be an issue. Also, these pistols are known to have firing pins that break from dry-firing so the answer here is to avoid dry-fire without using a snap-cap. Numrich aslo has firing pins for this pistol so this is something that is not a bad idea to buy a couple ahead of time as well. All-in-all, I think this is a nice little pistol especially when you look at a sub-$300 price tag. I want to say I picked this one up off Gunbroker for $244 so while it's not a true 1911, I still think it's a VERY good pistol for the money!

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