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That and a "spot and stalk" hunt don't last long when you're restricted to hunting one or two average size farms in Wisconsin. One really needs "big woods" to do that all day/all season. Unless your intentions are to push all the deer over to the neighbors. As most of us who hunt here know, in Wisconsin farmland, sittin' is what works best early in the season and then small, safe, well planned drives later on.

You're exactly dead on with this statement buck. I was including the whole country but if the six of us hunting on 120 acres of oak woods start roaming around we chase the deer out and screw up each other's hunting. So we go in the woods in the morning as a group, dropping off at our stands on the way, and come out doing the same thing. Nobody leaves their stand the whole day. And we get deer.

We we've swayed away from the topic. Show us pics of your stands or blinds. That's what I wanted to see.
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