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In response to the suggestions.
Thanks for your time.

Yes, to the Milt Sparks VMII idea. I want one. I have a search running, looking for one in stock at a reasonable price, for my MK9, with alerts to my email.
To the Crossbreed, I checked it out and bought a Minotaur instead, which is very similar. Too big for me. It almost involves putting the holster on the pants, then getting dressed. Then you have those big clips. My Minotaur is comfortable and it is pretty concealable, except the clips. I'm keeping it because you can buy other "shells" to fit other handguns for $35. If I decide to start carrying one of my fullsize guns, this holster seems like the way to do it.
I've considered "garment" holsters as suggested, including the Smart carry and just doesn't appeal to me. Not sure why.

My Comp-Tac Minotaur with my MK9:
What me worry
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