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Here's What I've Got so far

Bought a High Noon Holster, the "Alter Ego". It's very similar in design to Galco's discontinued Deep Cover, which I liked, but the High Noon is done SO much better! Instead of the behind the belt "J clip" the HN has a spring steel around the belt clip that fits perfectly on my 1 1/2" Galco belt. VERY stable. The body side of the holster has a high back shield between the skin and it. There is a sewn in plastic sight track and the whole thing is made of high grade saddle leather, rough side out. First Rate! Super comfortable.
Now the concealability factor...
Unlike my Minotaur this has only one large visible clip to hide. I started shopping Cell phone holsters. I found the right configuration in the NiteIze leather holsters. Great J-clip, best I've ever seen on a cell phone...too bad it had to be discarded. Drilled out the rivets, tossed the clip and slid on the clip on the High Noon. Voila! Not perfect... and I'd like a nicer phone holster, but it's a start and I'm looking.

What me worry
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