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It's clear as glass, unless you stopped reading at 6.75" or don't know what an integral silencer is.
How is it clear as glass?
The Recluse is a passion project from our Skunk Works shop. The ambitious goal was to bring a single stamp, integrally suppressed, 9mm AR to the market. The Recluse feeds from either Colt or Glock mags. The Recluse does not require sub-sonic ammunition as the careful porting reduces velocity below the speed of sound. No more specialty 9mm ammo required. Use the drop down menu to select the lower of your choice.

6.75" 9MM Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
• Nickel Plated Exterior
• Chrome Plated Interior
• 1/10 Twist Rate
• 9MM Luger Chamber
• Ported by the Chamber

• 7075 T6 Baffle Stack
• Iridite Coating
• Stainless Steel Blast Baffle
Integral to the Barrel
• 7075 T6 Body
• Hard Coat Anodize

It doesn't give you the total length. It just says the suppressor is integral to the barrel. That could be any length over 6.75" (well actually, it's clear from the picture that it's longer than the 12" handguard).
Well, being that its a "one stamp gun" (for the silencer) the barrel is at least 16" long. Any shorter and guess how many stamps it would be?

Also it's possible for an integral suppressor to be taken apart from the barrel, like the D3 SD9, in which case the ATF would have classified it as a 6.75" barrel.
D3 doesn't know what "integral" means. If the gun will fire with the silencer removed (and the D3 SD9 will)… requires TWO stamps.
Further, the D3 SD9 isn't a one stamp gun, its clearly an SBR with a silencer.
From the D3 website:

D3-9SD "Ultimate Urban Carbine"
The D3-9SD, also known as the, "Ultimate Urban Carbine", maintains the familiarity of the AR platform, the stealth of the H&K MP5-SD style suppressor, and utilizes the popular Glock 17/19/18 double stack pistol magazines.
The Glock Pistol is popular with civilians, Law Enforcement, and government agencies. This carbine is designed to complement their existing Glock handguns and give them the tactical advantage of carrying only one caliber magazine and share it on both pistol and carbine. This allows quick transition from a sidearm to an extremely quiet and accurate suppressed carbine.

* Overall Length: 22-29″ depending on stock, collasped
* Barrel/Suppressor Length: 13.5″ installed
* Barrel: 6.75: ported, 4140 steel, 1:10 twist, parkerized
* Serviceable Suppressor: not recommended
* Enhanced hybrid bolt carrier
* Standard charging handle
* PCC Deflector & short dust cover
* Aero Precision 9″ Forend: choice of KeyMod or Quad-rail.
* 6160-T6 Anodized
* Forged lower: 7075-T6, Hard Coat Anodized
* Magpul K2 Grip
* Magpul MOE mil-spec stock and 6-position buffer tube
* One 30+ rnd magazine
* Optics Ready
* Semi-auto fire group
* Full auto available with LE/Gov't letter
* KNS Precision Stainless Steel Anti-Rotation Pins
* Black Discrete Hybrid Soft Carry case. Padded with two internal pockets, carry handle, and shoulder strap. White embroidered D3LLC logo
* Base Weight: approximately 7.0 lbs. depending on caliber and configuration
NFA Rules Apply

That's apparently not the case with Spikes, but again, it wasn't clear from their specs. I had to do some searching to determine that.
First, you have to know why two stamps might be involved. And again, its clear that the Spikes is not an SBR.
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