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1. What is the intended use?
If for plinking/range toy, size doesn't really matter, whereas for home defense compactness is a plus.

2. What is your budget?
IMO $2000 for a 9mm silenced carbine is insanely overpriced....not to mention requiring two tax stamps...….so its really $2400. And the Spikes for $2,200?
AR uppers (of any caliber) are at an all time low.

3. Integrally suppressed why?
I LOVE my integrally suppressed 10/22! But no way shape or form was it my first silencer. The main reason I wanted it was being as short as possible AND avoid being an SBR. That's the primary reason for going integral.

4. Build your own for less than half the cost.
$549 PSA pistol AR or
$249 Palmetto State Armory complete upper:

Then add stand alone full auto rated silencer at $700 or less......that you could use on any other 9mm firearm. If your silencer was .45 it could be used not only on 9mm, but .40 and .45acp.
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