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....I know that being in the car so much means the chances of me needing to use my gun while in the car are higher than my chances of needing it at an ATM machine or other places I rarely or never frequent.
You may think that, but the idea is not very realistic.

Should someone attack you while you were in your car, you would only have to resort to the display or use of your firearm in the event that you were not able to drive away.

When you are not in your car, escape might well be the best alternative, but only if it is safely possible.

The only time I can say that the idea of needing higher capacity magazines comes into play is when I think about scenarios that involve more than two assailants.
Do you have a supportable basis for that belief?

If I did [(have a confidence problem)] have a confidence problem, I would carry something with more capacity than I do,...
Confidence will not make five shots adequate on occasions on which they may prove not to be.

It's more a doing what I feel is right for me thing.
I hate to put it quite this way, but what you "feel" does not seem to be based on objective thinking or realistic experience.
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