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Let me make some random comments about suppressors that may help.

Professionally and personally I have been exposed to suppressors since the
1980's. And in general I can't tell much difference in performance between quality built *screw on* specimens of the same caliber - no matter who made them.

So when brand X says their suppressor is #% quieter measured with scientific equipment than their closest competitor - I say so what. Is an #% reduction that noticeable to an unprotected ear. I will argue that its not. Others will argue that it is.

There is one exception and that is internal suppressors. I have fired some suppressed SMG's with internal suppressors that were significantly noticeably quieter than a quality screw on can. But is that difference so much to make a decision on ? I argue its not unless you absolutely have to have the quietest suppressor around. And then it would be something totally custom made.

My preference in a suppressor is first and foremost durability - you'd think it was sound suppression - however that is secondary to me (see previous comment about what can be heard). Therefore I go with stainless steel vs an aluminum baffle and tube set up. The slight added weight, and when talking about .22 RF cans we are talking ounces, is worth the added durability that stainless steel offers over aluminum.

The other thing I want to stress is make sure you get a user disassemble able suppressor. The "sealed" cans have to be returned to the factory for service and maintenance. Being able to take the suppressor apart yourself for cleaning saves a lot of time and hassle over sending it back to the factory.

The bottom line is that there are many different and often opposing opinions on suppressors. Most are very valid. You just have to figure out what is right for you.

I doubt you will be unhappy with any suppressor you get as long as its from a reputable company that has some history in the industry.

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