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I just bought a SWR Warlock II for $230. Its an all alluminum can so its SUPER lightweight. 3oz total

I went with a super light can so it doesnt affect the balance of my Ruger pistol.

The downside is being aluminum i am going to have to scrub the lead out manually instead of using some of the harsher chem cleaning methods

If you dont care as much about it being as light as possible ive heard good things about the SWR Spectre or Sparrow. They are in the 6.5oz range, but can handle all the rimfire ctg.... 17, 22mag, ect.

Also they have Stainless baffles so can withstand harsh chem cleanings

I just wanted the lightest can possible. I can scrub it clean. A little elbow grease in exchange for 1/2 the weight
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