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CCI's had always been tougher to seat in the past. I gave up on them in my Dillon presses for failure to seat consistently, even in Winchester and other commercial brass. Earlier this year a post said they had revamped their primer cup processes a couple of years back and had cleaned up the burrs and whatnot that were being blamed for the hard seating. I have not had occasion to purchase any in that time frame, except some military hard #34's, which I expected to be less enthused about seating, so I don't know the effect of the revamping? I had always assumed they had thicker or harder cups. It seems to me I once mic'd some as being three ten thousandths over the diameter of the Federal primers, too, but that would have been very old stock.

So, is there any chance your CCI's are older? I'd be interested to hear if anyone has detected the change from the revamping?

Military brass has crimped primers and the crimp has to be removed for smooth loading. I suspect Wncchester is thinking you might not have got them completely cleared away? The most effective modification to GI brass that I've found is the L.E. Wilson case trimmer's primer pocket profile cutter. You fingers get sore using it very much, but it funnels the pockets just right so most anything will seat. Worthwhile for match rifle ammo, but too much work for pistol brass and non-critical rifle loads. Where speed is needed the Dillon swaging tool is the best show in town.
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