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mossberg 500 disassembly problem

Well, I have the same problem however, your fix does not work for me!

The stock is a simple pistol grip. The only bolt involving the grip is a large hex screw at the very upper rear of the grip. Its certainly too high up to involve the trigger assembly but its the only bolt i see to remove the grip.

As you experienced, once the trigger housing pin was removed, the trigger assembly moved about 1/4 inch down and out of the reciever but hanging up on the on the grip just behind the trigger shroud.
I hesitate removing this rear bolt until i get an OK that its the proper thing to do.
(the shotgun is my neighbors..if it was mine, i would be off already)

Although Im not a licensed gunsmith, Im far from a novice.
I've done a number of custom builds of Ar15s, 10-22s and assorted handguns.
I've like to work under the adage..."measure twice but cut once!"

Appreciate all responses

mossberg 500 disassembly problem


I removed the synthetic stock (per plateshooter) and the trigger assy just slid out as it is supposed to. There is a pin going thru the middle of the tang that extends out of the rear of the trigg assy where the trigger assy meets the butt stock. The pin had been installed with the pin to far out on one side and was causing the hang-up. A simple push on the pin to center it fixed the problem. My thanks to plateshooter and everyone else who were nice enough to share their ideas and thoughts. This is a great forum group.

Hello - I'm having trouble removing the trigger housing assembly from my Mossberg 500. For the 1st time in my life I have decided not to force anything. The manual and videos I've checked show no indication of a special step to get the housing out of the receiver. The action is cocked, the safety on the trigger housing pin is removed and I have tried multiple positions of the bolt but the assembly will only lift up about 1/4 inch. Is there some small detail that I need to perform for this disassembly?
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