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I am also figuring on buying an Angle Cosine Indicator for this rifle. Any of you guys use or have an opinion on a decent quality one?

The reason for me buying the Angle Cosine Indicator is I find myself shooting from elevated positions and from valleys. The angles are never extreme, but I have noticed some vertical differences when shooting in different location. For example. At 300 yards I can use my local range, but the elevation of the 300 yard target is a decent clip higher than the shooting position. Now the angle is not extreme, maybe 20 degrees, but even at 300 yards when I am properly sighted I always shoot a little high..

For me to shoot longer than 300 yards I have to go to friends and family properties and setup our own ranges. Which sometimes require the use of different angles to get the ranges we want. Many times I am either a fair bit higher or lower than my target.

I know its not a "Necessity", but its something that I feel will help me to correct for the angular distance when I have to setup my own range. And I feel that as far as practicality goes. This is gonna be a dedicated range queen/Tactical setup. The primary use of this firearm is for fun......

LOL, I still have not gotten to the range with this thing. I am waiting to finish the setup the way I want before working on loading and tuning for it

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