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Originally Posted by Txhillbilly View Post
RC20,Why do you say stay away from X-Caliber barrels? The ones that I have shoot extremely well.

I've used almost every brand of aftermarket Savage threaded barrels (Cut & Button rifled) on around a dozen Savage,Shilen,and American Rifle Co. actions and have never had a "bad shooting" barrel from anyone shooting tuned hand loads.

Shilen,McGowen,Criterion,E.R.Shaw,and others offer very good shooting Button Rifled barrels in the $300 - $400 range. offers premium brand Cut Rifled barrels for Savage pre-fits in the $500 - $600 range.

In my experience,both types of barrels can be equally as accurate,but a Cut rifled barrel will shoot longer strings of shots before accuracy falls off from getting dirty,and they clean up faster and easier than Button rifled barrels.
Interesting, I've heard and experienced that most expertly hand-lapped barrels clean about equally well cut-rifled or button. I know my Shilen Select-Match in .260Rem cleans very well.

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