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Glad its looking good. You should be able to count the groves or lands on the front and see what rifling it has.

I know some like them, I just could not get into the new stocks. I got one Savage with the Thump Hole Feather Weight (BTH in Savage lingo) and converted the other two (they came with low grade stocks and I planned on it - as noted, got em for a good price)

Mine are all laminated, which is a composite though people tend not to think of them that way.

I still like the older Savage receivers with the Top Bolt release.

Boyds stocks are good Savage Sources, the two I have were perfect fits. The Prairie Hunter is what I call super grip and Boyds calls a Prairie Hunter I believe.

I got to try that type in plastic and liked it much to my surprise. Felt as good as the TH.

Oddly the Featherweight Laminate is my favorites even with a Bull Barrel it just feels and shoots better.
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