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Originally Posted by RC20 View Post
Spare barrels are a bit more complicated than drop in.

Solid Mfgs I would recommend are Shilen and Criterion. I have a Shilen and its top notch, Criterion from reports seem to be equal. I would stay away from XC, EACO has barrel at a pretty low price and people generally seem to like them, so that is a how much do you want to put into it? Shilen runs around $350 (and no threads)

The issue is that Savage gets crud in their barrel threads sometimes, so its a coin flip how hard that factory nut is to get off. New ones tend to smooth (I don't know what the 110 DT has). Those have to be taken off with a pipe wrench (if they come easy) or cut off (if they come hard). A new segmented nut is needed (not a big deal)

The receiver needs to be held tight, or the barrel. The grip tool costs around $80. Another $20 for the segmented wrench. Torque wrench until you are comfortably with the required feel is an adder - I work on equipment and had it at home, not sure if I would have bought one just for that or not.

You need a good 6 inch vice for the receiver tool sold by Northern Shooter Supply (also the go to source for the Shilen or Criterion barrels).

If you plan to do a lot of target shooting you will need a new barrel in 2500 rounds or so depending on how accurate you can shoot (you have to have enough throat erosion in the throat to exceed the shooting skills and ammo capability to see it going off it to start with)

MB: no info on that, I don't have any.
I have the appropriate tools already. Besides the receiver vise. I do already intend to Replace the smooth nut with a segmented nut when I replace the barrel. I will have to check out Shilen, Although I would prefer not to have to thread the Barrel myself.
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