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Boyds are about as cheap as they get--if you can't afford that you may want to think about improving the stock you have. I know many have had great luck with Boyds--and I have bought lots of them for my rifles--but I've never had one that didn't need additional finishing/touchup of the inlets for a proper fit, and I pillar and bed them as well. With a bull/varmint barrel you'll likely need to at least work the foreend channel to get a free-float. I fitted a marlin 17 hmr with one of their thumbhole stocks and like it a lot. If you don't mind an ugly color (saves money)--you can get a spike camp which is nice and light but thick where it needs to be and is also one of their cheaper stocks. I hate bottom bolt releases, I would advise replacing the plastic trigger guard (if that's what the tupperstock has) with a metal one as that is a compression "weakness" in the plastic one.
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