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Ok. I'm gonna bite the bullet and take this course, hopefully it is good. I suspect it will be a lot of things I already know, but I am looking at it as a refresher to keep my skills sharp.

Keep in mind, online courses tend to be a LOT like reading books and some are better than others. Its no substitute to in person training, but it can help prepare you for in person training.

Final assessment of this course, or, is it worth the money.
Final answer, for me no, for my Wife and kids, maybe.

My broad personal opinion on the course
Who it it for, a brand new inexperienced shooter

very basic, easy to understand
good information
well organized
presented in a cohesive order
You get a certificate of completion

Website did not load properly after purchasing
only get the course for 1 years
some videos do not load
some bad info (trees, cars, refrigerators are NOT cover. There is NO GOOD WAY TO CLEAR STAIRS)
You cannot download the PDF's (but you can take screen shots...)

Final thoughts
My personal opinions on the course. Being an experienced shooter with law enforcement and other training, this course was extremely boring and tedious. It went over way too much basic firearms safety and use and did not go deep into home defense, just covering the basics of home security and tactics. Granted there is nothing wrong with the basics, but this courses focus should have been home defense applications, not firearms 101.

As near as I can tell this seems to be like part of a 1 day training school. This would be the classroom portion, prior to the practical portion/actual training. Judging by the sales pitch at the end of the course I think that is exactly what this is....

Going to have my Wife and 12yr old son take this course as well. They have both had minimal training and I may be a touch jaded from one too many boring in-services....
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