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Dehermit: I've owned a half dozen or more 1911's with the original internal extractor and have had to tweek or replace 3-4 of them. Breakage primarily. But have had zero problems with a Sig 1911 RCS fitted with an external extractor, nor with any of my other 4 Sig's from the DA/SA "P" series. I'd opine that it's a better design in that regard, at least in my examples. YMMv.
To be honest, I am convinced that an external extractor with its coil spring is likely an improvement (less problematic, more reliable) over the original design, internal extractor. However, I am such a traditionalist (an emotional response, not a logical one), and the fact that I would not likely every carry a 1911 for defense, I don't think I would ever buy a 1911 with an external extractor...but then again, Tom Selleck and his gun in the Jessie Stone series may have had an influece on me if I saw one in good condition for sale.
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