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Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
I have 1911s with both. The only thing I will say is that the one time I had to replace an external extractor, it was a "drop in, no fuss, no muss, no fit, no adjust" proposition. Of the internal extractors I have had to replace over the last 3 least half of them had to be adjusted and tweaked a bit.

Of course, one unit is not what I would call statistically significant...I could have got I still "allow for the possibility" that I will have to do some sort of adjustment on the next external extractor I replace.

On the other hand...I fully expect to HAVE TO tweak any internal extractor I have to replace. In fact, any 1911 I shoot in competition, I already have an extractor and bushing ready to go in a spare parts bag for that gun in case I have to replace it during a match.

Now, if someone is itching to have an argument...bring up the full length guide rod in a 1911 argument.
What internal extractor, bushing are you talking about? Do you mean the firing pin stop?
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