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My luck with deer decoys is about what it is with turkey decoys. Some will run towards them, others will run the other way and some are indifferent. Seems the mood of the animal and how much exposure it has had to decoys relates to how well the decoys work. With both turkeys and deer, I have better luck with 3-D decoys and if they move, even the slightest bit....that much better. A white rag tied to the tail of a deer decoy that flutters in the wind works well.

With deer decoys, I generally set them up so the deer have to approach them from downwind. Deer will generally circle to get scent first before approaching. Decoys without movement, unless stuck way out in the open are hard for deer to discern, one reason they come close to us if we don't move. I've found that besides the tail movement, that antlers tend to tell other deer that the decoy, is in fact, another deer and not just a clump of grass/brush.
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