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I got confronted at a resturant by a drunk who was going to punch my lights out and give me two racoon eyes as he stated. I am 75 and had just stopped down to eat dinner and have a beer. I had been bear hunting all day and did not want to make dinner so I stopped at the local restraunt and the guy got in my face before I even entered. I had forgotten to take off my 9MM semi and had it under my jacket on an inside the hip holster.
He told me to get back in my truck and leave or he was going to beat crap out of me. I went back to my Modern Day Gunslinger book I had read the year before. I simply put my left hand up in a stop motion, started to back away with my other hand on my 9mm.
It was dark out so he did not see my right hand on the gun. I slowly backed away, got in my truck and left. Best move I ever made because he would have been dead if he had hit me and I would be in a world of "crap". Get a copy of the book I mentioned and live by it. It works. Avoidance and flee is the best alternative if give the option. If not, you have to defend yourself unfortunately. But if he is in his 40's and hits you at 75, I feel it would be justifable but why have to shoot some one or explain it to a grand jury if you can avoid?
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