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Have you ever considered or tried an image intensified or IR head/helmet-mount monocular to allow for some sort of night vision on the move?
A lot of guys like to wear bump helmets on which to mount PVS-14 night vision or FLIR Breach thermal monoculars. It is a fine system for those who like it. I have tried the helmet route and found getting in and out of vehicles to be a pain in the butt with the helmet. On top of that, my neck didn't appreciate the extra 'balanced' weight on top of my head. Balancing is involved because when you put 6-12 oz on one side of the helmet (the front), you need to counter the weight on the opposite side to reduce fatigue. Even balanced, I found the extra poundage on my head to not be comfortable for very long. Aside from issues in and out of vehicles, I found the attachments on the helmets snagged foliage when going through the woods and would get hung up on barbed wire when trying to go through a fence. As a big boy, I already have enough trouble going through barbed wire fences, LOL! Never mind heat and sweat issues in the summer with a helmet. I have nothing against the gear per se. It just doesn't work for me and my situation.

As seen in this video and shown in most others, I wear a thermal monocular around my neck that I use for spotting on the move.

As far as target discernment, in a past career one of our leader-types would illuminate the target with an IR laser.
It is a fine idea if the hunters are using NV or NV in addition to thermal. I don't. The only reason I can see for using NV is if you are in a situation where driving a vehicle is required. NV sees through glass and thermal will not. However, 99% of the time, I am not trying to drive through people's properties with my lights off.
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