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Re: gun safe ?

Originally Posted by rebs View Post
Have you guys considered that if someone were to break into your gun safe that they will get everything you have in there.
I am leaning toward a second smaller safe that can be hidden and bolted to the floor. Use the smaller one just for some jewelry, cash and coins etc.
Do you think I am being paranoid ?
It would take a whole lot to get into a decent gun safe. With other security measures in place (alarm connected to a company that can contact police) I would not be too worried about it even if I were going to be on a vacation. If I was only going to spend $300 on a safe? Then yeah, I'd worry because it won't stop a burglar for too long at all.

I have a decent safe, but I still feel better keeping my most valuable items in a bank because the bank still is a little safer.
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