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As given by the stamps on the barrel and receiver, the Mauser is 1939 & Enfield 1943. They do both shoot their original calibers.
This is more the info I was looking for :
"Both have had their stocks chopped, and the useless (for hunting) wood removed (including the handguards). The Mauser has an aftermarket sights, the peep sight is Redfield or Lyman, probably. Original caliber would have been 8mm Mauser, and probably still is.

The Enfield is an SMLE and I think its a number 4 (No.4) which would be a WWII era gun. I'm not an expert on SMLE's, sorry. It would be a .303 British (SMLEs almost never get rechambered/rebarreled, there no point..)"

Not looking to sell but any ballpark on value?
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