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Here's a better short arbor fix.

Hello everybody, this will be counted as my first post, but in reality I've made many. I was a member several years ago and just rejoined. So rather than resurrect an old post I'll make this one about the Uberti SAS(short arbor syndrome) I can't take credit for it,I learned it a couple years ago. Some of you may know of it, but judging from some of the older posts about it I've read on here a lot don't, so I'll put it out there. I've done this to my 1985 uberti 3rd model Dragoon. Get on one of several sites that sell Dillon reloading equipment parts and order what's called a locator button or pin, there are a few sizes, find the one closest to your arbors O.D. these button are basicly a flat metal disc with a pin on the back(picture a thumb tack) only thicker. You drill an interference fit hole in the center of your arbor for the pin portion of it, don't worry if you break through to the wedge hole, you'll address that later,the pin part may or may not intrude into the wedge cut out as well,again we'll fix that later. Using the green loctite made for press fit bushing, you'll anchor the button to the end of the arbor(slightly counter sink hole in the end of arbor) this will assure the button gets fully seated against arbor face. Let cure over night,then start working down with files until you get the perfect depth of seating. The button stays with the arbor and doesn't fall off ever, but can be removed by applying heat and twisting it out of the hole. This makes a neat and professional looking repair. Should any of your work break through the wedge hole , simply file it flush in the hole. A drill press works best,but if you're careful a hand drill is fine. You all can thank me later LOL
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