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Ugly 1,900 pound brute

I just bought an old Remington-Rand safe from a business that has closed. It's 72 inches tall with shelves and drawers. When the business put it on the loading dock, they weighed it at 1,900 pounds. I knew it would be heavy but not that heavy.

I got a really good deal on the safe but nobody locally could move it (I live in a city of about 300,000). I found a safe-mover from a larger city who just happened to be coming to my city for another move. He gave me a reasonable rate, considering the distance and lack of options I had, but it still cost more to move it than the safe cost. Altogether, less than $400 into it.

It's a second safe I bought specifically for handguns, some ammo, etc. Long guns remain in my first safe. Anyway, here's a quick photo of it. It's not lopsided, that's just the pic (wife's car in the way). As the title says, "ugly," but it fit my need:

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