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I won't say what you did was the right thing, but I respect folks that make an attempt to protect their property.

If good honest folks weren't being jailed for defending both themselves, and their property, I think an amazing thing would take place. Less crime.

The police, even with the best of intentions can not protect anyone, or their property. Can you guess why? Its so simple I can't believe people do not understand this.

The police can do absolutely nothing, or next to nothing, until after the fact. By the time they have the authority, and the law on their side, the crime is over and done with. You are either already raped, dead, or robbed blind before any help arrives.

I'm not bashing LEO'S here, merely stating that there is not much they can legally do until after a crime has taken place. I have the utmost respect for the majority of LEO's. They have a tough, dangerous, often thankless job, but they do it. The officers are not the problem, its the system itself that needs to be cleansed of the nonsense that protects the criminals, and creates a society that breeds crime like rabbits on viagra while hindering the law abiding. Often getting them killed.

Its our right to defend ourselves and that includes our private property. Would I chase down a car load of punks after they shot up my house? Even if it was real guns they were using? No. Well, scratch that. If they killed my wife or child in the process I would hunt them down without mercy. If no one gets hurt, I'm taking cover and calling the police. Should they be sitting out there blasting away, I'm returning fire. Should they try to come in, they will be in for the surprise of their lives.

Again, I think you did the wrong thing, but I understand why you did what you did, and I respect that.
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