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I was in a similar scenario as you; late night, playing Halo in the living room, when a red laser light appeared on the living room wall. I waited for the laser to disappear, paused the game and snuck out of the house to do some tracking. Punks were on foot and don't have their laser pen anymore.

Your scenario encompasses a lot of different circumstances, many of which I would normally support return fire. HOWEVER, you are then left to the discretionary powers of your Local PD and District Attorney to possibly file charges against you. Nonetheless, think of Bernard Goetz who defended himself with a pistol against 4 punks robbing people with a screwdriver as a weapon; Goetz lost in civil court and had to file bankruptcy as result of finding.

The "Castle Doctrine" would cover you for a B&E in progress, but for a drive-by, I don't think so. I feel for you in the heat of THAT moment and not being able to measure the totality of the circumstances accurately. (old guy gravelly voice) Damn PUNKS!!
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