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Rich Lucibella
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Unfortunately, I doubt Ashley will respond. He may look like a dumb, burr-headed, 6'5" Texan....but that belies the fact that he's a true Neanderthal at heart. Thus, he still thinks the computer is a TV and spends hours trying to tune into Animal Planet. Last time I saw Ashley Emerson, he had decided to ride my Harley from Bozeman, MT to Fort Worth. Thought he could do it in 2 days. 4 days later he arrived home (yesterday).....I'm told he'll now hibernate for about 6 weeks!

In any case, the piece was really a Home Run. I've told him that we'll be firing him soon, as I doubt he can top it! His response is that Brand X pays higher Authors Fees. Look for him next month in Ladies Home Journal, I guess!
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