Thread: 10mm or 45 ACP?
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To me, the 10mm is to automatic what the .357 is to a revolver. Lots of versatility.

I prefer the 10mm. If you don't want 10mm power, then there are several 10mm loads on the market that duplicate the .40 S&W. It can also be converted to fire .40 S&W with only a barrel change and possibly a spring change depending on the load. 10mm magazines will feed .40 S&W without difficulty.

For a compact, I prefer the .40 S&W, since the guns are lighter than the G29, just like someone that carries a full size .357 might select a snub nose .38.

In addition, it greatly simplifies reloading, since I can use the same projectile in both the .40 and 10mm.

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