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What is the full auto belt fed firearm in the movie swordfish ?

the gun john travolta pulls out of the trunk of his porche is the one im talking about .. good lord .. what is that and what is it all about ?..

AND .. everybody go to
on the home page .. what is that firearm ?..this one was also in the movie swordfish... it reaks of HK .. am i right ?..

AND can anyone name any OTHER of the uncommon weapons in the movie SWORDFISH .. specifically.. in the scene where travolta brings the pc hacker downstairs and the hacker sees travoltas whole operation ?.. the camera pans off to travoltas operation and zooms in on like 15 longarms hanging on a rack .. anyone know what these are ?? how about the other 3 or 4 uncommon firearms in this movie ?

PS .. if you havent seen it .... SEE IT! ..
its full of wonderful violence and chuck full of full auto weapons new and old ..
(its the new ones that confuse me)
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