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Bart I'm a life long Rifleman that begin in 1962 at age 20, until I enlisted in the Army I had never handle a rifle nor shot one. We were issued M-1 Garands that had been in long term storage and were our rifles for basic training. Cleaning and subsequent disassemble and assembly when we threw all the parts into a pile and we had to put together a whole rifle and subsequently fire it, shocking but it worked. Fast forward to Colorado while attending Gunsmithing school (TSJC) (graduate in 2001) I picked up a NATO (Danish) Garand with a Var barrel which was shot out (.3021") and replaced it with a Springfield barrel (.3007") simple removal and replace wonder of all wonders it head spaced within tolerance. At this point I became aware of the groove and bore differences in the same caliber in the different manufactures. That's when I connected bore dimensions to the ability of some rifles to shoot Boat tail bullets or another way to say some rifles preferring Flat base bullets. I made a trip to a Cabelas store in Arkansas to buy a Portugal assembled model 70 Winchester, they had two of them in the caliber I was interested (30/06) after checking the bore of the rifles (both well over (.301+) I decided not to purchase either rifle. I pointed out to the sales person the flaws I found in the rifles, while I do not know if they were shipped back to the distributor I suspect they were from the tone of the managers interaction with me.. I had never seen this subject brought up before and I do think this is something people should be aware of!! William
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